Yanni - Only A Memory.mp3

What would you like to see Yanni do for 2013?

On August 7, 2012 , 45 fans of Yanni Fans Canada, had a fan gathering  at the Jubilee Auditorium. For many of us it was our first YANNI concert. It was a dream com e true .

Yanni Fans Comments

Yanni's music defies borders and boundries.  His musc speaks to people of all races and nations.  Yanni touch's people with his music and brings them together with the universal emotions expressed in his music.

Yes, Yanni, the music can chage the world in the end. Lets hope it will be better.  Love comes from heaven. lovesund67

Yanni, I do believe in the power of music.  Thank you for your great work. It is very powerful and brought people together regardless of their backgrounds.  Thank you.  abdulyusuf

I love his music. He is a genius.    japanessen

If Yanni, was President of the USA, I really believe he could bring the world together and keep people happy.  The man is so very talented it is incredible.  God Bless Yanni, and all that works with him.     ron321

Golden fingers with a great mind.       javierdeco

Greatest musician ever known to me.      mymusician

A guy who does not read music composed some of dthe most original music in musical history.  He is a sheer genius.     jolannsebastienbach

Yanni is the master of music the lengend for ever, ever, and ever.     unknown