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Welcome     T o   Our   Yanni   Family

      It  brings us great joy to welcome  all of you dedicated loyal Yanni fans  to our site.

     Yanni is so well loved and respected by all.  Yanni has developed a tremendous following.  His fans range from 4-90's from all over the world.

     There is not enough words to describe this wonderful man.

   His inspirational music, brings  through us many different moods and feeling, that we have deep inside us.  Some of these emotions are love, sadness, happiness and the calmness of released stress.  This is the effect that Yanni's music has on us.

    The reason for all these mixed emotions, is because Yanni experienced these feelings in  composing the music.  The feelings came from his heart, mind and soul. 

Beverly Goerz

Founder of Yanni  Fans  Canada



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